Why Can’t I Digest Meat All Of A Sudden?

I’ve eaten meat all my life with no problem whatsoever, but over the last month I’ve noticed whenever I do eat it, I can’t stomach it. This goes for chicken, beef, lamb, gammon, bacon, you name it. When I do eat any meat now, I’m left with an extremely uncomfortable aching feeling in my stomach, I feel extremely nauseous (this went on for almost two days a few weeks ago before I was able to bring it back up!), and most times, I even end up with ‘the runs’. I tried eating some chicken flavor noodles from ASDA last week (they had less than 2% chicken extract), and within 10 minutes they came straight back up! I’ve never been dependent on meat, but it’s always been a size-able part of my diet, & at the moment I’m left feeling lost as to what I can & can’t buy & eat!
I haven’t been to the doctors yet, though with the way things are going I acknowledge I’ll have to soon, and I haven’t had any real change in my lifestyle lately, so I can’t see that being a factor, but can anyone help me as why after eating meat for the 19 years I’ve been alive & a meat eater, I suddenly can’t digest it? Will I have to go Vegetarian from now on?
To clarify, it’s literally just meat. When I’ve had a meal that’s included meat, everything else has been digested, the meat’s the only thing that’s come back up.
I can still actually drink milk, eat cheese & seafood if this is any further help to you.
Please get back to me with helpful information if you can! xx

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  1. jeevs 7 September 2011 at 6:22 pm #

    I’m a practicing doctor and I can tell you without hesitation that are definitely pregnant. You must take a test

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